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What is a Flash Flood Door?

Flash Flood Doors are PVCu doors manufactured to our patented design and specification to withstand the forces of flash flood events of short duration, to a maximum height of 600mm.

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Are Flash Flood Doors outward opening only?

  • Single Flash flood doors can be manufactured to be inward or outward opening.
  • Double / French Doors are manufactured to be outward opening.
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Are Flash Flood Doors Suitable for Commercial properties?

All Flash Flood Doors have a minimum of 40mm threshold, which make them suitable for Domestic properties only.

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Can the rubber gaskets/seals be replaced in case they get damaged?

Our patented rubber seals/gaskets are inserted post welding process which makes them suitable for replacement by our qualified engineers.

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Can the locking parts be replaced in case they get damaged?

Our patented locking components can be replaced by our qualified engineers.

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Can you manufacture Flash Flood Doors with full height glass panels?

  • All Flash Flood Doors are manufactured with solid sealed panels to the bottom section of the doors.
  • This gives our door the strength to withstand the possible impact from debris in flood waters.
  • Glass units sealed without drainage have a tendency to fail, this has been proven over the last 30 years.
  • Glass and Glazing Federation best practice does indicate that glass units should be placed in a free draining environment.
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Are Flash Flood Doors Tested?

Flash Flood Doors are tested to Flood Protection Products PAS 1188-1 Kite-marking Standard and have been awarded full accreditation.

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Are Flash Flood Doors Fabricated to a recognised quality standard?

Flash Flood doors are fabricated to ISO 9001 quality standard

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Have Flash Flood Doors been tested for security?

Flash Flood Doors have undergone Pass 24 Security test and are fully compliant.

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How does my Flash Flood Door Drain?

Flash flood doors have no drainage at the bottom 600mm section of the door, only doors with midrail above 600mm have drainage holes provided to drain water away from the glass unit.

It is normal in certain conditions for small amount of water draining and reaching the bottom of the doorframe.

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Have Flash Flood Doors locking system been tested for their life expectancy?

Flash Flood Doors Locking System has undergone a cycle test of fifty thousand opening, closing, locking and unlocking test and have proven to be fully compliant with industry standard 10 years life expectancy.

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Can I attach a burglar alarm contact points to a Flash Flood Door?

Burglar alarm points can be fitted by qualified burglar alarm specialists to the top section of the door only as drilling holes at the bottom 600mm height of the door and frame section would render flood resistance warranty null and void.

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Can I have a split spindle lock with a paddle handle fitted to a Flash Flood Door?

Flash Flood Doors are fitted with a Lever/Lever handles as standard, this ensures the locking process is carried out (cranking the door handle upwards and turning the key) to engage all the locks to achieve a watertight seal.
Replacing parts on Flash Flood Doors by unauthorised personnel would render the warranty null and void.

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Do you manufacture timber Flash Flood Doors?

Over the past seven years we have carried out extensive research and tested numerous materials and concluded that timber in is laminated or pure form with the exception of ( Lignum Vitae ) due to its susceptibility to water and subsequent rate of expansion and contraction, is not a suitable material for a Flash Flood Door.

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Do Flash Flood Doors Comply with the current energy rating standards?

The 5 Chamber Profile and A Rated Glass Unit used in fabrication of Flash Flood Doors meets and exceed the current Energy Rating requirement s of Building Regulations.

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What is the maintenance procedure for a Flash Flood Door?

  • Every three months by the customer

Flash Flood Door locking points and rubber gaskets should be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water and petroleum jelly (Vaseline) applied to each locking point and rubber gaskets ( installation team will demonstrate this procedure after each installation).

  • Annually by Flash Flood Doors limited Technicians
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Am I likely to get condensation on my glass units?

Our A rated glass units under certain atmospheric conditions may produce condensation on the external face of the glass unit. This is due to the high thermal efficiency of our glass which does not allow the heat to escape through the unit and warm up the external face of the unit, this pane of glass stays cold and under certain conditions the moist warm air settles on this cold surface producing condensation.

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Have Flash Flood Doors been tested in real flood events?

  • Yes

On 22nd June 2012, parts of Wigan in Greater Manchester area experienced an unprecedented rainfall which resulted in a flash flood event.

During the height of the flood, two single Flash Flood inward opening doors, one of which was installed in August 2010, experienced between 300mm and 500mm height of water lapping against them, The homeowners account who witnessed the event from inside the property, confirmed that throughout the event the doors held the water back and no water came through either of the doors.

They said “we have nothing but admiration and praise for Flash Flood Doors, water did not come through the doors, however property was flooded through the kitchen wall at the back of the property, which was not sealed and let the water through”.

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